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Adding Value To your Living and Working Experience


Welcome to Crystal Gardens!

We are a leading landscaping company in Kenya  offering excellent landscaping, garden maintenance and fumigation services to Home owners, Institutions and Corporate organizations.

 Crystal Gardens is a customer focused enterprise that is anchored on value addition to our client's lifestyles. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver  landscape designs that resonate with a client's original brief, are durable and cost effective.

In a nut shell we strive to customize our landscape designs and services to suit each client, and draw on our years of hands on experience in landscaping projects to create exceptional gardens for our clients.

As a home owner we are focused on adding value to your lifestyle by helping ensure that your home is free from environmental nuisances like dirt, pests and unkempt grounds.

For Corporate organizations we strive to enhance your business performance through provision of timely and satisfactory services. 

Whether you are yearning for a resort style garden, contemporary design, a rain forest surprise, Mediterranean, a Zen garden or just a backyard oasis for a busy modern family, Crystal Gardens will pull all stops to ensure you have effortless elegance built on enduring style.

We boast an elite team of gardening professionals with years of experience, knowledge and service in landscaping and gardening. Our winning combination of expertise and service is anchored on ruthless commitment to meeting and exceeding customer expectations

You deserve value for your hard earned money- and we give you guaranteed service level agreements to account for every coin.

So if you are  looking for a landscaping company in Kenya or East Africa, call us now- and we will be glad to help!