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At Crystal Gardens we are customer-focused enterprise that seeks to add value to our Client’s lifestyles through distinctive landscaping and gardening services. We pride ourselves on our ability to deliver landscaping designs that resonate with a client’s original brief, and are durable and cost-effective. Here is a list of our core services



garden maintenance-hedge trimming

Garden Maintenance


Tending to Office Plants at Aclients’ offices.

Indoor/Office plants


constructing a gazebo for outdoor entertainment
Consrructing a walled gazebo



garden steps

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Quick responses and  fast turn around times (under 24hrs).

Detailed Billing and Change Orders-No hidden costs.

Experienced team of  supervisors, landscapers and gardeners.

Integrity. We have worked for people outside the country without ever meeting them.

Above all, we love what we do.

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Our Team

head of landscaping

Oscar Kwaliamba

Head of technical Services

Oscar is the probably the first person whom you are going to make first contact with, either on phone or on a site visit

Sylvia Idieva

Sylvia Idieva


Sylivia is in charge of all correspondence, emails, accounting and follow ups. Your bill will have her authorship

Alexa Mung

Head Of Architectural Services.

Alexa is respsonsible for coordinating all technical staff that originate site plans, drawings, renders, and all architectural needs.

Landscaping and Gardening supervisor

Victor Ogalo

Landscape and Gardening Supervisor


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