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Adding value to your home and workspace

Our Services

We offer a wide array of services with a distinctive touch to keep your home or property looking good all year round.

In particular we offer the following services;

Complete Landscaping

We carry out complete garden landscaping for new facilities. Whether commercial, industrial or individual properties, we are able to customize every project to fit the unique utility requirements of each client. Our services here range from landscape design, installation and project management.

Garden maintenance.

For established gardens we provide exceptional maintenance services that include;

  1. Regular pruning, lawn mowing, hedge trimming,weeding and feeding
  2. Attending to hanging baskets and potted plants.
  3. Quality control

Office/Indoor plants Care

Creative Outdoors provides unique, beautiful plants to garland your offices, receptions and lobbies.

We then offer routine maintenance service to ensure the plants remain in remarkable order that lends to a beautiful, optimum working environment. Besides we also supply fresh flower bouquets to office premises.

Pest Control Services

We  provide full service that eliminates  varios insects, rodents and wood destroying organisms.

Fence installations

Whether a property desires a boundary wall, a chain links fence or just a picket fence to keep the pets in check; we are able to advice on the best cost effective-option and carry out the construction.

Garden constructions/ Small Works

As part of our landscape construction works, we do Gazebos, Decks,  Drive ways, walls, Walk ways and Garden paths  construction. We also do repair works like drainage fixing, installation/repair of roof water harvesting, and waste management through composting or disposal.

This is geared towards providing a one stop shop for all the services so that the client has a limited number of contractors/consultants to deal with.

High level Tree Pruning

We conduct high level tree pruning services with utmost consideration for safety


We also offer consultancy services for:


Technical information on appropriate species suitable for given localities, sourcing of the desired tree species and management approaches.

Block Tree care

This service is available for corporate organizations which engage in tree planting as part of their corporate social responsibility programs. Experience has shown that once the activity is over, few trees survive the post-planting period as post planting care is not done. We offer maintenance services for these organizations to ensure that tree mortality is reduced and that long after the cameras have rolled, the trees are flourishing.

Bush Clearing

We also carry our bush clearing for properties or farms that have overgrown. This services is available as a precursor to landscaping or construction works anmd also as a stand alone service