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At Crystal gardens, we have innate understanding of things green and clean; Household, Commercial and Industrial landscaping, fumigation, Property maintenance and minor Construction Works. After all we have been doing it for several years. Along the way we perfected our craft and refined our  art. 

We offer a wide range of services and products purposely so that our clients don''t have to deal with  many services providers, but rather get everything under one roof.


We provide complete garden landscaping for new properties. This includes garden design, lawn planting, shrubs and flower installation, rock gardens and water features.


We manage your garden for you through pre-arranged garden maintenance programme. This includes regular lawn mowing, weeding, quality control and garden renovations.

Office Plants Care

Weekly we visit your office or home to attend to the unique requirements of indoor plants-turning, them,feeding,dusting, and  repotting

Fumigation Services

Pests pose a health risk . We conduct fumigation services using approved environmentally friendly products and advise on preventive measures.

Drive ways/Parking Construction

We install all kinds of paving whether cabro, stone, brick or concrete.

Construction Works

Crystal Gardens has skilled personnel that installs fences of all type-stone walls, picket fences, chain links and metal grills. We also build metal gates, gazebos and garages.


For the indoors we lay tiles and repair tile works, do floor sanding, partitioning, and paint works  and plumbing works.



High Level Tree Pruning


Drive Way Construction