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Adding value to your home and workspace


We offer for sale an assortment of garden accessories that includes ;


With over 800 species in our nursery, we have a wide choice of plants to choose from-Groundcovers, Shrubs,Trees,Palms, Flowers, and indoor plants. Using our vast networkl with fgellow plantsmen and women, we can source plants far and wide to ensure you get your desired plant

Pots and Containers

We offer clay pots, Troughs, Hanging baskets as containers for raising plants . These are supplied on order.

Volcanic rocks and Pebbles

We supply and mount rocks for rock gardens, pebbles for decoration of flower beds and walls.

Garden inputs

Available at Crystal Gardens includes Red soil for landscaping, Manure for enriching your soil and garden plants. We also supply Organic compost for your vegetable gardens and several soil mixes for your potting requirements.