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Adding Value To your Living and Working Experience

A list of Our Services

 At Crystal Gardens we have an innate understanding of landscaping. After all we have been doing it for several years. Along the way, we refined our art and perfected our craft. So whatever you need Crystal Gardens will guide in your garden planning.

In particular we provide the following Services:


Landscape designs

This involves development of a concept after getting a brief from the client, developing landscape designs, drawings and schematic plans.


Installation of new gardens

In addition to doing the designs, we do complete landscaping. This involves ground preparation, lawn planting, flower planting and installation of irrigation systems

Besides we also rehabilitate old mature gardens, by remodeling to upgrade the property in order to suit the emerging needs of the client.

Garden maintenance.

For established gardens we provide exceptional maintenance services that include;

(a)  Regular pruning, lawn mowing, weeding and feeding.

(b)  Attending to hanging baskets and potted plants.

     (c) Quality control.


Office plants Care

Crystal Gardens provides unique, beautiful plants to garland your offices, receptions and lobbies.

We then offer routine maintenance services to ensure the plants remain in remarkable order that lends to a beautiful, optimum working environment.

Landscape reclamation

For sites that need reclamation, Crystal gardens has the relevant expertise to advise and implement a reclamation exercise. Such sites may include abandoned quarries, excavation sites, patched forest lands and abandoned river courses.

Fence installations

Whether a property desires a boundary wall, a chain links fence or just a picket fence to keep the pets in check; we are able to advice on the best cost effective-option and carry out the construction.

Landscape Construction

We carry out landscape construction

We install cabro paving blocks, construct pergolas, gazebos, water features, and green walls  to add functionality to your property.

Gardener Training Service

We offer gardener training service to individuals and institutions that may wish to upgrade their gardening skills.

Gardening is a practical undertaking and our experienced gardener will work in your garden alongside your gardener imparting skills and knowledge.