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Securing Your Home-Fences Or Walls?

If society was perfect, we all would wish for an open living style where one lazily hangs on the couch with a mug of their favorite drink, and watch the world go by. But as its is this is hardly possible. Security has become a prime consideration in any living arrangement. The question then comes, how do you secure your home or property? What you decide will be guided by several factors and in this article we list the factors to consider before choosing a wall or a fence.

Fencing and walls are two of the most common ways to secure a home. Both have their own advantages and disadvantages, so it's important to weigh the pros and cons before making a decision.


Advantages of Fences

  • Fencing is typically less expensive compared to walls.
  • Fencing can be installed more quickly than walls. Yes,  your fence can be up before you return home from work however large your home is.
  • Fencing is more flexible than walls. It can be easily modified to accommodate changes in your needs. When your taste and wish to upgrade, you can easily move from a wooden fence to a Clear View Fence
  • Fencing can be more aesthetically pleasing than walls.  Certainly, because of the availability of different materials and styles, fences can be made more appealing.
  • In most areas you do not need a permit to install a fence as they are considered temporary.

Disadvantages of Fences

  • Fencing is not as secure as walls. A determined intruder can usually climb over a fence.
  • Fencing can be damaged by animals or weather. Particularly vulnerable here are wooden fences and chain links
  • Fencing can block views.
  • Fences need regular maintenance like the painting of wooden or metal surfaces.

Advantages of Walls

  • Walls are more secure than fences. They are more difficult for intruders to climb over.
  • Walls are more durable than fences. They are less likely to be damaged by animals or weather.
  • Walls can provide more privacy than fences.
  • Walls can add to the value of your home.



Disadvantages of Walls

  • Walls are more expensive than fences.
  • Walls can take longer to install than fences.
  • Walls can be less flexible than fences. They are more difficult to modify to accommodate changes in your needs.
  • Walls can block views.

Types of Fences and Walls

There are many different types of fences and walls available, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs and budget. Some of the most common types include:

  • Wood fences :Wood fences are a popular choice for their natural beauty and affordability. They are easy to install and maintain, but they can be damaged by animals or weather.


  • Metal fences: Metal fences are more durable than wood fences and are less likely to be damaged by animals or weather. However, they are also more expensive and can be more difficult to install.
  • Vinyl fences:
  •  Vinyl fences are a low-maintenance option that is resistant to damage from animals and weather. They are also relatively inexpensive and easy to install.


  • Chain-link fences: Chain-link fences are the most affordable option and are easy to install. However, they are not as secure as other types of fences and do not provide much privacy.


  • Live hedges: Live hedges are a natural way to secure your home. They provide privacy and security, and they can also add beauty to your landscape. However, they can take time to grow and require regular maintenance. Besides they are not as secure as walls or fences.


Choosing the right Fence or Wall

The best way to choose the right fence or wall for your home is to consider your needs and budget. If you are looking for a secure option that is easy to maintain, a metal or vinyl fence may be a good choice. If you are looking for a more affordable option that provides privacy, a wood fence or live hedge may be a better choice.

No matter what type of fence or wall you choose, be sure to install it properly. A well-installed fence or wall will be more effective at deterring intruders.

In addition to fences and walls, there are a number of other ways to secure your home. These include

  • Security lights: Security lights can deter intruders by making it difficult for them to hide.
  • Security cameras: Security cameras can provide a visual deterrent and can also be used to identify intruders after a crime has been committed.
  • Deadbolt locks: Deadbolt locks are more secure than standard doorknob locks.
  • Window locks: Window locks should be used on all windows, even those that are not accessible from the ground.
  • Home security system: A home security system can provide peace of mind by giving you the ability to monitor your home from anywhere in the world.

By taking these steps, you can help to keep your home safe from intruders.


Should you be in need of any fencing or wall requirements, do not hesitate to call us at Crystal Gardens for help. Installing fences, walls, and paving is part of our hardscaping segment that goes hand in hand with soft landscaping.

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