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Blog posts May 2023

Why You Should Have Plants in Your Office - and How To Care For Them


In today's fast-paced work environment, finding ways to enhance productivity and improve the overall well-being of employees has become a top priority for organizations. One simple yet effective solution that is gaining popularity is incorporating plants into the office space. Office plants no…

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Securing Your Home-Fences Or Walls?

If society was perfect, we all would wish for an open living style where one lazily hangs on the couch with a mug of their favorite drink, and watch the world go by. But as its is this is hardly possible. Security has become a prime consideration in any living arrangement. The question then comes, h…

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How To Find A Landscaper In Kenya

You have finally built your dream home, and dispensed with the contractors. Now you need to turn the house into a livable home that suits your taste and style. Or you recently "parachuted" into Nairobi and you want your new abode re-done to your liking. Where do you start?

When it comes to creatin…

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Pets and Your Children

For many boys who grew up in the countryside, having pets was almost a rite of passage.  You were not somebody until you could point to your rabbit. You couldn’t sit in the council of boys until you had pigeons, a dog or a fowl.

How Children Benefit from Having Pets?

This possession of pets t…

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