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About Us

Crystal Gardens is a landscaping  and gardening company in Kenya. Founded in 2005, the company   continues  to create exceptional and awe-inspiring gardens in Kenya and around East Africa.

As a landscape solutions provider, we are a customer obsessed enterprise;

  • Obsessed to understand our client's needs
  • Obsessed to meet  our Client's needs
  • Obsessed to provide the most cost effective solutions.
  • Obsessed with having memorable customer experiences for every project we undertake.

Our style is typically tropical, through which we focus on beauty of natural elements featuring  plants, stonework, iron work and carpentry.

Here are the four reasons why You should Choose Crystal Gardens 

Detailed project management

At Crystal Gardens, we eschew corner cutting in favour of detailed transparent project management. Our business is about relationships. We develop a close working relationship with clients, meeting weekly to update them on landscaping progress, review design  and billing questions and deal with emerging issues.

Our Landscaping Crew

Our experienced team of  supervisors, landscapers and gardeners have been with the company for  more than ten  years. They understand their craft and draw immense satisfaction from their work. They are a talented lot of problem solvers, able to multi task and perform all round landscaping tasks.

Detailed Billing and Change Orders

Unlike our competitors, we don't lump our bills together. Instead we give a detailed billing showing items and exact quantities to be used. This ensures that you get value for your money. Besides we draw simple but comprehensive agreements that capture all works. Where changes have to be made, we write Change orders documenting the changes and costs. All these are to ensure transparency, and to  avoid misunderstandings that occur where clarity is lacking.

Quick responses and  fast turn around times

It is our policy to respond to customer requests within the shortest time possible, and deliver orders within 24 hrs. Our obsession is the client and we focus on making it as easy as it can be to be assisted