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Adding value to your home and workspace


Crystal gardens started off as an adventure of former employees  who dared to venture out on their own. Having worked  for the big firms  in the landscape sub-sector, the team was determined to make a difference in the service experiences of their potential customers by plugging gaps they had observed  along the way. Armed with nothing but hope, it was not long before the market took notice of our unique service  as characterized by the following aspects ;

  1. We eschewed corner cutting by itemizing everything in our quotation.

  2. We give value for money by agreeing on Service level agreements.

  3.  Excellence in customer service.

  4. Offering product and service differentiation  that meets specific needs of individual clients.

 5. We respond to inquiries, customer complaints and deliver orders within 24 hours

Our designers,service teams and landscape professionals work tirelessly to complete the project within agreed timelines. Thanks to our faithful customers, a decade down the line Crystal Gardens has grown to become a premier landscaping and maintenance services firm in Kenya.

And with growth comes changes!

Crystal Gardens has evolved to provide to provide a  wide range of home and property services that includes; Demolitions,  Bush clearing, Construction works, cabro paving, painting, roof repairs, floor sanding and fencing. These expanded services are offered under our new off shoot-Creative Outdoor Solutions Ltd

Nevertheless we endevour to remain faithful to our  creed to help  our clients design and build simple,beautiful and sustainable environments that will endure the passage of time.








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